• Fish

      Served with 2 Sides

    • BH Battered Haddock

      MSC Certified Sustainable extra large, East Coast mild whitefish (6oz portion)

    • Haddock

      1- piece $16.79 Add a second piece $7.49

    • Haddock & Shrimp

      Battered haddock with filo shrimp, spicy jalapeno shrimp or with coconut shrimp $20.69

    • Captain's Feast Haddock

      Battered haddock with 2 breaded Filo shrimp and 2 breaded scallops $19.99

    • BH Battered Halibut

      Ocean Wise Certified, Alaskan long line caught, firm texture

    • Halibut

      4oz portion
      1- piece $22.79 Add a second piece $13.49

    • Halibut & Shrimp

      Battered halibut with filo shrimp, spicy jalapeno shrimp or with coconut shrimp $26.69

    • Captain's Feast Halibut

      Battered halibut with 2 breaded Filo shrimp and 2 breaded scallops $25.99

    • BH Side Dishes

      The following prices are for side dishes included with the meal. Additional sides available at additional prices.

    • Regular Sides

      Vegetable of the Day
      Garden Salad
      Baked Potato
      Garlic Mashed Potatoes
      Caesar Salad
      Cup of Daily Soup

    • Gourmet Sides

      Sweet Potato Fries add $2.49
      Poutine add $3.49
      Loaded Baker with bacon & cheese add $2.49
      Seafood Chowder add $2.49
      Greek Salad add $2.49
      Boathouse Salad add $4.99
      Panini Loaf add $.99 / Garlic Panini Loaf add $2.49
      Garlic Panini with Cheese add $5.99 NEW!!! Artisan Side Salad add $4.49

    • Please be advised that these items contain no gluten but may contain trace amounts from cross contamination. Our kitchen handles flour, if you have a severe allergy please be advised and
      let your server know. Some daily soups and salad dressings are gluten free, please ask your server. Some dishes may have a side of bread or croutons added which are not gluten free.

    • Market Catch

      Lightly seasoned, served with 2 sides

    • Maple Syrup Glazed Salmon

      Made with local Maple Syrup $27.69

    • Fire Grilled Salmon

      Lightly grilled to perfection $24.39

    • Cajun Blackened Salmon

      Pan seared with cajun spice $25.79

    • Cajun Blackened Halibut

      Pan seared with cajun spice $29.69

    • Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Halibut

      Lightly seasoned and pan seared $28.79

    • Pan Fried Haddock

      Lightly floured, sprinkle d with lemon pepper and pan seared $18.69

    • Fish Toppers

      Add one of these delicious toppers to really make it special

    • Creole Sauce

      Our creamy Creole such on it's own $4.49

    • Creole Shrimp

      Shrimp sautéed in a creamy Creole sauce $6.79
      Oscar - Add delicate crab sautéed in our lightly spiced creamy creole sauce $8.69

    • Creole Crab

      NEW! Crab meat sautéed in a creamy Creole sauce $8.69

    • BH Seafood

      Served with 2 Sides

    • Crab

    • Alaskan King Crab Legs

      lb of succulent and sweet crab served with garlic butter $44.99

    • Shrimp

    • Black Tiger Shrimp

      Large shrimp sautéed in your favourite sauce $25.69
      Traditional garlic and white wine sauce, Tangy Thai or Creamy creole

    • Breaded Shrimp

      Crispy fried and lightly breaded filo shrimp $17.79

    • Coconut Breaded Shrimp

      Large crispy fried, lightly breaded coconut shrimp $18.49

    • Seafood Feast

    • Ultimate Boathouse Seafood Feast for Two

      Lobster, Scallops, Shrimp, King Crab, Fish, and Mussels
      Lightly seasoned fire grilled salmon, garlic and white wine sauteed shrimp and scallops, 2 lobster tails, 1/2 lb king crab and 1 lb mussels
      Served with 2 side dishes, garlic butter and fresh baked bread. $110

    • Scallops

    • Pan Seared Sea Scallops

      Jumbo sea scallops sautéed in garlic butter and white wine $32.69

    • Breaded Scallops

      Lightly breaded scallops $18.99

    • Lobster

    • Lobsterfest

      Add a Lobster Tail to any dinner for only $14.99

    • Twin 5oz Lobster Tails

      Succulent and tender, butterfly cut, brushed with garlic butter $39.79

    • Seafood Combos

    • Lobster and King Crab

      A lobster tail and a ½ lb of king crab, served with garl ic butter $44.69

    • Sea Scallops and Jumbo Shrimp

      Sautéed in garlic butter and white wine $33.49

    • Breaded Shrimp and Breaded Scallops

      Served with seafood sauce 17.99 / with coconut shrimp $19.99

    • Lobster Tail with Jumbo Shrimp & Scallops

      A lobster tail with garlic and white wine sautéed shrimp and scallops $41.89

    • Shrimp & Lobster

      NEW!!! A lobster tail with sautéed shrimp in garlic butter and white wine $38.79

    • Reef & Beef

      Served with 2 Sides Rare- Red throughout /Medium Rare- Red Centre, Pink throughout/ Medium- Pink Centre/ Medium Well- Trace of Pink/ Well Done- No Pink

    • New York Striploin

      A premium 9 oz hand cut striploin lightly seasoned and fire grilled to your liking $27.99

    • Creole Shrimp Steak

      NEW!!! Our premium striploin topped with creamy creole shrimp $32.99

    • Steak Oscar Creole Style

      New!!! Our premium striploin topped with delicate crab in a creamy creole sauce $33.99

    • Steak & Shrimp

      NEW!!! Our premium striploin with jumbo shrimp sautéed in your favourite sauce $36.99 Choose from garlic and white wine sauce / Tangy Thai / Creamy creole

    • Steak & Lobster

      5oz Lobster Tail with our New York Striploin $41.99

    • Steak & King Crab

      ½ lb of King Crab with our New York Striploin $43.99

    • Steak Toppers

    • NEW!!! Chimichurri Sauce $3.99 (finely-chopped jalapenos, parsley, cilantro, minced garlic and red wine vinegar)
      Peppercorn Brandy Sauce $2.99 / Sautéed Mushrooms $3.99 / Creole Shrimp $4.99 or Crab $5.99

    • Chicken

    • Chicken Parm

      Two boneless chicken breasts lightly grilled,
      topped with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese, served with 2 sides. $20.89

    • Breaded Chicken Strips

      Lightly breaded and seasoned chicken filets served with traditional plum sauce and 2 sides. $16.69

    • New!! Creole Chicken

      Lightly grilled boneless chicken breasts sauteed in our lightly spiced creamy creole sauce and served with 2 sides. $19.99

    • Pasta

      Linguini Choose from Alfredo or Marinara sauce, served with garlic toast

    • Seafood Pasta

      with scallops, shrimp and mussels $28.79

    • Chicken Pasta


    • Shrimp Pasta


    • Crab Pasta


    • Lobster Pasta


    • Jambalaya

    • Jambalaya

      A classic Louisiana dish prepared to a medium spiciness with  shrimp, chicken, spicy sausage and rice / $21.49

    • Create Your Own Combo

      Create your own Combo simply by choosing any entrée and then adding the following. Maximum 2 additional items per entrée.

    • Combo Choices

      Creole Shrimp $6,49
      5 oz Lobster Tail $14.99
      1/2 lb King Crab $16.99
      Breaded Shrimp $5.49
      Breaded Coconut Shrimp $6.49
      Battered Haddock Filet $7.49
      Battered Halibut Filet $13.49

    • Salads & Soup

    • Boathouse Salad

      Acadian mixed greens with shrimp, crab and salmon topped with cheese and honey dijon dressing.
      Small $12.49 / Dinner $19.79

    • Greek Salad

      Small $9.49 / Dinner $14.79

    • Mixed Greens Salad

      Small $8.49 / Dinner $12.69

    • Classic Caesar Salad

      Small $9.49 / Dinner $13.69

    • Fresh Artisan Salad

      Fresh Artisan mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, mandarin oranges, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, feta cheese served with our fresh house made citrus vinaigrette
      Small $10.49 / Dinner $15.79

    • Chef’s daily Soup Creation

      Cup $5.25 / Bowl $9.49
      Bowl with a fresh baked panini loaf $12.69

    • Boathouse Seafood Chowder

      Prepared New England style with haddock, salmon and shrimp. Cup $7.49 / Bowl $12.99
      Bowl with a fresh baked panini loaf $15.79

    • Salad Toppers

      Personalize your salad by adding one of the following items to any salad choice:

    • Grilled Chicken $4.99
      5 oz Lobster Tail $14.99
      Grilled Salmon Fillet $7.99
      Chilled Lobster meat $7.99
      Chilled crab meat $6.99
      Chilled Shrimp $4.99

    • Additional Side Dishes

    • Side Fries $4 Regular size $6
      Side Poutine $6 Regular size $9
      Gravy $3
      Rice $2.50
      Garlic Mashed Potatoes $5
      Loaded Baker with bacon & cheese $6
      Coleslaw $2.50
      Vegetable of the day $4
      Baked Potato $5
      Side Sweet Potato Fries $6 Regular size $9
      Side Salads – Garden $5, Caesar $6, Boathouse $8, Greek $7, Artisan Fresh Salad $9

    • Beverages

    • Bottomless Pop 3.29
      Iced Tea 3.49
      Bottomless Coffee 3.29
      Regular Tea 3.29
      Specialty Tea 3.69
      Juice and Milk Small 2.99 Large 4.49
      Non Alcoholic Smoothie 5.99

      All Applicable Taxes are Extra
      All Items may not be served exactly as shown in photos

    • Sandwiches

      Served with 1 side

    • Haddock Fish Sandwich

      Beer battered and topped with tartar sauce, lettuce and tomato on a brioche bun $14.49

    • Chicken Caesar Wrap

      Chicken with lettuce, bacon bits and caesar dressing $14.49

    • Chicken Club Wrap

      Chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato, drizzled with mayo $14.69

    • Seafood Wrap

      Chunks of crab and shrimp with lettuce, onions, tomato and mayo $15.99

    • Lobster Roll

      Atlantic lobster with lettuce and mayo in a fresh baked panini bun $21.49

    • Homemade Burgers

      Served with one side Handmade in house, pure beef 7 oz patty topped with lettuce, tomato, onion on a brioche bun.

    • Traditional Burger

      14.69 Add cheddar or bacon / $1.50 each

    • Bruschetta Feta Burger

      Topped with our bruschetta mix and feta cheese on a pesto brushed brioche bun $16.99

    • Boathouse Surf & Turf Burger

      Our homemade burger topped with Atlantic Lobster $21.99

    • Veggie Burger

      A premium meatless patty $14.69

    • Sharables & Appetizers

    • Breads

    • Fresh baked panini loaf

      Your choice of white or whole wheat $4.25

    • Fresh baked garlic loaf


    • Garlic loaf with cheese


    • Garlic loaf with cheese and bacon


    • Lobster Garlic loaf with cheese


    • Fire Roasted Naan Bruchetta

    • Naan bread with pesto, garden ripened tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, olive oil and topped with feta. $9.99
      With Chicken $14.99
      With Shrimp $14.99
      With Lobster $17.99

    • Smoked Salmon Naan

    • Lightly grilled naan coated with cream cheese and topped with smoked salmon florets, red onion and capers with a sprinkle of dill and a drizzle of olive oil. $14.99

    • Seafood Sharables

    • Lobster and Spinach Dip

      Cream cheese, lobster, and spinach topped with cheese $14.69

    • Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms

      Mushrooms sautéed in garlic butter and white wine, stuffed with Lobster and baked with cheese $14.69

    • Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

      Mushrooms sautéed in garlic butter and white wine, stuffed with crab and baked with cheese $12.99

    • Calamari

      Tubes and tentacles mixed with hot pepper rings and lightly seasoned, served with sweet chili sauce $11.99

    • Escargots

      Sautéed in garlic butter, white wine and mushrooms then lightly baked with cheese $10.99

    • Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

      Shrimp cocktail served with seafood sauce $12.99

    • Coconut Shrimp

      Jumbo Shrimp coated in a coconut breading and served with a tangy Thai sauce $10.99

    • Jalapeno Popcorn Shrimp

      Spicy jalapeno breaded shrimp served with seafood sauce $8.99

    • Crispy Fried Filo Shrimp

      Breaded shrimp served with seafood sauce $9.99

    • Classic Sharables

    • Chicken Wings

      1 lb $14.99
      Mild / Med / Franks Red Hot /
      Buffalo / Honey Garlic / Tangy Thai

    • Veggie Plate

      Mixed seasonal veggies served with dipping sauce $12.99

    • Mozza Sticks

      Lightly breaded and served with dipping sauce $9.99

    • Potato Skins

      Stuffed with bacon and cheese $10.99

    • Thai Chicken Bites

      Breaded chicken tenders tossed in a tangy Thai sauce $10.99

    • Mussels & Oysters

      Garlic and White Wine, Marinara or Creole Cream Sauce

    • P.E.I. Mussels

      One pound Fresh P.E.I. Mussels served with garlic bread $13.99

    • Fresh Oysters on the ½ shell
      6 for $17.99 – 12 for $32.99

    • Quintelicious Menu

      March 2-20th Local Food and Drink Celebration!

    • Quintelicious 3 Course Menu

      1st - Seacuterie Board
      Our version of a Charcuterie Board with local Cheese, Meats and Seafood
      Suggested Pairing - Northumberland Ale Sugarbush, Cab Franc
      Sandbanks, Riesling

      2nd - County Maple Salmon
      Fresh Atlantic Salmon topped with a County Maple Cream Sauce with local roasted potato and carrots Suggested Pairing - Sandbanks, Baco Noir Casa Dea, Chardonnay

      3rd - Apple Crumble
      Apple Crumble à la mode drizzled with Hubb's Maple Syrup
      Suggested Pairing - Huff Estates, Riesling Off Dry

      Other Great Local Libations
      Waupoos Cider, Huff Estates Pinot Gris and Merlot, Sandbanks Dunes, Casa Dea Sparkling, Sugarbush Gewurztraminer

      Local Suppliers
      Reids Dairy, Hubbs Maple Bush, Campbell's Orchard, Fosterholm Farms, Ferguson Farms, La Cultura Salumi, Maple Dale Cheese

    • Nightly Specials

      Specials 3pm until close unless otherwise stated Some restrictions may apply, subject to change at anytime.

    • Monday

      All you can eat Fish & Chips $14.29

    • Tuesday 25% off Appetizers

    • Wednesday Pint & Pound Night

      A pint of Beer and a pound of wings or mussels from $15 All Day

    • Thursday Wine Special

      Get a 9 oz glass of wine for the 6 oz price All Day