Quintelicious 3 Course Menu

Quintelicious 3 Course Menu

1st - Seacuterie Board
Our version of a Charcuterie Board with local Cheese, Meats and Seafood
Suggested Pairing - Northumberland Ale Sugarbush, Cab Franc
Sandbanks, Riesling

2nd - County Maple Salmon
Fresh Atlantic Salmon topped with a County Maple Cream Sauce with local roasted potato and carrots Suggested Pairing - Sandbanks, Baco Noir Casa Dea, Chardonnay

3rd - Apple Crumble
Apple Crumble à la mode drizzled with Hubb's Maple Syrup
Suggested Pairing - Huff Estates, Riesling Off Dry

Other Great Local Libations
Waupoos Cider, Huff Estates Pinot Gris and Merlot, Sandbanks Dunes, Casa Dea Sparkling, Sugarbush Gewurztraminer

Local Suppliers
Reids Dairy, Hubbs Maple Bush, Campbell's Orchard, Fosterholm Farms, Ferguson Farms, La Cultura Salumi, Maple Dale Cheese