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    • Reef & Beef

      Served with 2 Sides Rare- Red throughout /Medium Rare- Red Centre, Pink throughout/ Medium- Pink Centre/ Medium Well- Trace of Pink/ Well Done- No Pink

    • Creole Shrimp Steak

      NEW!!! Our premium striploin topped with creamy creole shrimp $32.99

    • New York Striploin

      A premium 9 oz hand cut striploin lightly seasoned and fire grilled to your liking $27.99

    • Steak & King Crab

      ½ lb of King Crab with our New York Striploin $43.99

    • Steak & Lobster

      5oz Lobster Tail with our New York Striploin $41.99

    • Steak & Shrimp

      NEW!!! Our premium striploin with jumbo shrimp sautéed in your favourite sauce $36.99 Choose from garlic and white wine sauce / Tangy Thai / Creamy creole

    • Steak Oscar Creole Style

      New!!! Our premium striploin topped with delicate crab in a creamy creole sauce $33.99

    • Steak Toppers

    • NEW!!! Chimichurri Sauce $3.99 (finely-chopped jalapenos, parsley, cilantro, minced garlic and red wine vinegar)
      Peppercorn Brandy Sauce $2.99 / Sautéed Mushrooms $3.99 / Creole Shrimp $4.99 or Crab $5.99

    • Chicken

    • Breaded Chicken Strips

      Lightly breaded and seasoned chicken filets served with traditional plum sauce and 2 sides. $16.69

    • Chicken Parm

      Two boneless chicken breasts lightly grilled,
      topped with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese, served with 2 sides. $20.89

    • New!! Creole Chicken

      Lightly grilled boneless chicken breasts sauteed in our lightly spiced creamy creole sauce and served with 2 sides. $19.99

    • Pasta

      Linguini Choose from Alfredo or Marinara sauce, served with garlic toast

    • Chicken Pasta


    • Crab Pasta


    • Lobster Pasta


    • Seafood Pasta

      with scallops, shrimp and mussels $28.79

    • Shrimp Pasta


    • Jambalaya

    • Jambalaya

      A classic Louisiana dish prepared to a medium spiciness with  shrimp, chicken, spicy sausage and rice / $21.49

    • Create Your Own Combo

      Create your own Combo simply by choosing any entrée and then adding the following. Maximum 2 additional items per entrée.

    • Combo Choices

      Creole Shrimp $6,49
      5 oz Lobster Tail $14.99
      1/2 lb King Crab $16.99
      Breaded Shrimp $5.49
      Breaded Coconut Shrimp $6.49
      Battered Haddock Filet $7.49
      Battered Halibut Filet $13.49